Lambert’s Cafe – Roll Heaven!

I absolutely love bread. I could not imagine my life without it. I don’t think I would ever last on a diet that denied me bread! Any restaurant that has warm, fresh, mouth-watering, delicious bread has my attention. One of those restaurants is Lambert’s Cafe with their signature Throwed Rolls! Yes folks, if you want amazing rolls, you’d better be a good catch or else have someone with you who is! The Throwed Rolls are definitely the main attraction at Lambert’s Cafe, which is located at 1800 W State Highway J in beautiful Ozark, Missouri. If you are in the area, you have to try it at least once!

First off, make sure you go hungry! Don’t even eat breakfast. You might not be hungry for dinner later either. If you arrive at peak times, expect to have a long wait time at this popular and iconic restaurant. There is an antique shop and several other shops you can peruse behind Lambert’s while you wait. Another important tip is this is a cash or check only establishment, but they do have an ATM available. These minor drawbacks are well worth it to experience the fun atmosphere, friendly staff, and great homestyle cooking served in large portions!

Once you’re seated, you’ll find a range of classic American entrees. Some of these are country fried chicken, roast beef, meatloaf, chicken wings, burgers, and fresh catfish just to name a few. I decided to try the country fried chicken and it was great! The drinks come in huge plastic mugs, so you might not even need a refill. Once your entree arrives, you’ll get to experience the Throwed Rolls and the Pass-Arounds. I told you that I love bread, and these rolls completely fulfilled my expectations! They are fresh, warm, soft, and buttery, plus very fun to catch! This was the first time in my life I could say I caught my own food! There is also molasses offered with the rolls, which I highly recommend trying. The Pass-Arounds are a tasty selection of sides, some of which are fried okra, black eyed peas, fried potatoes, mac and tomatoes, and more! The fried okra is absolutely amazing! I would go back for the fried okra and rolls alone. If you can make it through the generous entree portions, you are welcome to seconds as well. I couldn’t do it, the rolls were just too good!

I have seen some people complain that there are not any healthy options at this restaurant, and I would tend to agree. Homestyle, southern cooking has never been praised as health food. But, there is something to be said in enjoying a heaping portion of comfort food in an exciting atmosphere every now and again. Wait for your cheat day and you’ll be a happy camper.

So, if you aren’t dieting, love comfort food, enjoy a great atmosphere, enjoy excellent staff, large portions, and warm rolls, you’ll be very satisfied you stopped to partake in the Lambert’s Cafe experience!