Andy’s Custard – Your New Addiction!

It’s difficult to define an Andy’s concrete without using the words, “Amazing”, “Stellar”, “Mind-Blowing”, and my personal definition “ADDICTIVE”!  Andy’s has been around Springfield for as long as I’ve lived here and they just continue to get better!  My all-time favorite, automatic mood changer, and go-to concrete is the Pretzel Caramel Crunch.  It has it all.  It has the sweet creamy custard, the salty crunchy pretzels (if you are able to eat it quickly!  Which is difficult because you want to slowly savor it ALL!), and then the sweet salty creamy caramel hits you.  It’s incredible.

Their seasonal menu and specials are always a lovely thing to behold.  Their Pumpkin concrete comes out every September and after having one, you will first thank me and secondly know what I mean when I say it just isn’t fall until you have one!  They use fresh, seasonal ingredients like blackberries, peaches, apples, Girl Scout Cookies (they taste good enough to be called fresh!), and other mouth-watering toppings will keep you coming back again and again in a sane but frenzied search for your favorite flavor.

I have been to all their locations across Springfield and a few others across Missouri and in Tulsa.  The first experience I ever had at Andy’s was on an overly warm summer night and it was packed!  I thought we would be there till the next ice age since there were only 3 visible workers taking and making the orders.  Even though we were in the back of a crowd, the line moved very quickly and we had our first of many concretes.  They has never been a time at any of their locations that I have been disappointed by their service, freshness, or flavor.  Some of their restaurants have a retro feel to it while some of their others blend a retro and modern look.  Any way you slice it, they have consistently been clean, courteous, and always a place we look forward to taking new people to.

There are other things on the menu I have bought less frequently due to my enduring addiction to their concretes.  They have a line of drinks from Milwaukee called ‘Sprecher’.  They have Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange Dream, and Ginger Ale.  The Root Beer is among the best I have ever sampled.  It puts the big name brands like A&W to shame.  The best of the lot is their Ginger Ale.  My grandma told me years ago to drink some whenever I had an upset stomach or case of the nerves.  This brand will make you want to get sick so you have another excuse to buy some.  Very high quality sodas at a high quality store.  Win-win!  Some other items they have on menu are their banana splits and sundaes.  Just picture all of the fresh ingredients I mentioned above laid out on a large cup of their frozen custard.  It really is a life altering experience to eat here.

Last thing I want to mention and perhaps warn about are the sizes.  They are usually plenty big enough to share depending on your degree of addiction.  I don’t generally share my concrete willingly, but I acquiesce to my lovely wife who threatens me bodily harm if I don’t hook her up with some!